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UNWIND ......

May 23, 2023

Yes, fishing is an excellent way to unwind. It allows you to connect with nature in an incredibly special way and helps you relax and forget all the stress from the city. Fishing is also about focus and awareness, which helps you stay focused while fishing. It’s a great way to step out of your day-to-day life and enjoy a little bit of quiet, alone time. Overall, all students need at least one hobby to help them unwind and relax.


Get out and Enjoy the Wilderness

March 23. 2022

It's time for you to take time for you and your family. Fishing, swimming, canoeing, hiking we have it all for you.  Book Now!



May 26, 2019

Great fishing!  Lots of big fish, some are too big to keep!  If you love small mouth bass, this is the place for you!  Give us a call!


Windsock Lodge

April 27, 2019

We did some renovations in the cabins.  New appliances and some painting.  Looks great!  Come and rent one of our cabins!


Windsock Lodge

January 21, 2019

I know it's been a cold one!  But spring is around the corner, get your cabin booked! We will have live minnows for sale at the Lodge this summer.

Keep warm everyone, I know I am!  This wood fire is toasty!


Windsock Lodge

March 18, 2019

We have the Summer Special!  Don't be disappointed and book your cabin soon! Everyone likes a good deal!  Give me a text or call to see which dates we still have available 204-785-1711

Please call or text us to book your wilderness experience!


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